7 Ways to Build Authority With Google, According to an SEO Agency Leader

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An Expert Explains the Tactics That Drive SEO Nearly 92% of worldwide Internet searches are performed on Google. On mobile devices, it climbs to more than 95%. That amounts to 99,000 searches every second. It stands to reason, then, that if you want your business website to rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs), […]

Answers to Social Media Ad Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

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Get the Facts About Social Media Marketing and Social Media Best Practices The world of social media marketing can feel overwhelming to business owners who don’t have the capacity or expertise to tackle it. Owners are hyper-focused on running and growing their businesses, so it can be a struggle to manage and see success from […]

4 Ways Quality Content and Graphic Assets Benefit Marketing Campaign Performance

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What Is the Effect of Expert Design and Production on the Power and Function of Your Digital Marketing Campaign? You deeply care about the success of your business and would do almost anything to ensure you meet your annual objectives for growth. One of the choices you’ve likely made to support your goals is investing […]

5 Retention Marketing Tactics for Your Business

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Customer Retention Strategies Cannot Be Ignored in Your Omnichannel Campaigns Chip Bell, a customer loyalty expert, once said, “Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that your friends do business with you.” This philosophy is the heart of customer retention. Once you’ve captured a potential client’s attention and […]

5 Digital Marketing Tactics that Drive Lead Generation

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Rely on Experts Who Know How to Generate Leads and Maximize Your Return on Investment Whether you call them qualified leads or conversions, they’re what inject revenue into your business and sell products and services. And when it comes to knowing how to generate leads, it’s best to rely on an expert hand at iFocus […]

A Digital Farewell, For Real This Time

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Industry Focus for Friday, March 24, 2023 In late February, we reported that our beloved weekly digital marketing trends blog would drop to twice-monthly, and you waited patiently to read the latest news from the industry. Thank you for sticking around. But now, I’m here to share that this will actually be the very last […]

A Trickle – Not a Downpour – of the Latest Digital Marketing News

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Industry Focus for Friday, March 10, 2023 The caffeine-fueled innovative thinkers of iFocus Marketing return this week for our biweekly Industry Focus blog! In the last two weeks, our digital marketing dynamos have deeply discussed a deluge of the latest industry trends. And while that took quite a bit of time out of our weeks, […]

Change Keeps Things Fresh, Especially in the Digital Marketing World

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Industry Focus for Friday, February 24, 2023 No big deal, but we’ve been writing these Industry Focus posts for about a year now. But we’re switching up our editorial calendar and moving to sharing our industry insights with you every two weeks. Don’t worry – we won’t stop talking about the latest happenings in digital […]

You Gotta Fight for Your Right … to Read the Latest Digital Marketing News

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Industry Focus for Friday, February 17, 2023 We’re coming off a big week here at iFocus. Between Valentine’s Day and the big parade for our city’s football champions, we somehow still found the time to share and discuss the latest industry news and trends. And why wouldn’t we? It’s what makes us, us. And we […]

4 Reasons to Optimize Your Blog Content in 2023

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Search Engine Optimization Drives Traffic to Your Blog; Quality Content Keeps Visitors There Search engine optimization is a means of ensuring your blog’s content, site architecture, and HTML code are easily read by search engines and can then be ranked for authoritativeness to appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). To optimize your website content, […]

4 Tenets of ADA Compliant Websites

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A Mobile-Optimized Website Simply Isn’t Enough to Meet Standards of Accessibility Since its introduction in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act has outlined requirements that businesses must follow to make their establishments or services accessible to anyone, regardless of their mental or physical challenges. And yes, this law indirectly states that business websites are required […]

2022 Year in Review: The iFocus Marketing Digital Scrapbook

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Our Team and Expertise Took Our Clients to New Heights While everyone else was experiencing 2020-Round-3 as the years blurred together, iFocus Marketing tackled some serious feats of digital marketing in 2022 and stayed on top of the latest trends. In fact, our dedication to constant improvement is deeply rooted in the need for continuous […]

Welcome to a New Year of Digital Marketing Insights

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Industry Focus for Friday, January 6, 2023 Our team set our New Year’s resolution with intention: keep learning about digital marketing strategy and the latest industry trends. We’re proud to say that, six days into the year, we’re still going strong. After all, it’s what we do! This week, the iFocus Marketing team looked back […]

How to Find the Perfect Marketing Partner for Your Business

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Don’t Forget to Consider Digital Marketing Companies Near You, Not Just Traditional Ones It doesn’t matter your industry: if you want to grow your business and make conversions, you need a digital marketing strategy to propel you. The best way to get a strategy for yourself – even if you don’t know much about digital […]

Your Copywriter Makes or Breaks Your Search Engine Optimization. Here’s How.

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SEO Services Are a Key Digital Marketing Strategy, and How You Approach It Matters If You Expect Big Results If you aren’t actively blogging or updating content on your business website, your digital marketing strategy is lackluster and working against you. Sounds harsh, but it’s true! To achieve even local search engine optimization, you need […]

Marketing in a Recession: What To Do and What Not to Do

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For Best Results, Get Guidance from a Digital Marketing Agency Near You Most experts are on the same page: the U.S. economy is going into recession mode. But don’t panic! These downturns happen seemingly every few years and gradually come to an end once the economy is back on the upswing. Despite all that, it […]

How Paid Search Helps Property Management Companies Increase Signed Leases

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Our Kansas City Digital Marketing Agency Can Help You Create a Successful Strategy The modern apartment seeker is headed to one place, and one place only, to find their next home: the internet. A recent survey by Entrata, a multifamily real estate tech company, revealed that renters rely on what they can find on the […]

5 Reasons You’ll Love Working at iFocus, a Digital Marketing Agency in Kansas City

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Our Team Brags About Our Culture, Flexibility, and Dedication In 2021, readers of The Pitch KC voted iFocus Marketing the best digital marketing agency in Kansas City – but even if they hadn’t, we’d still think we’re pretty great. Our mission – to help our business partners achieve measurable outcomes through our custom digital marketing […]

How Do Native Content SEO Services Improve My Website’s Domain Authority?

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Your Content Marketing Strategy Matters! An SEO Agency Can Help Create It. If your business has a website, then you’ve probably, at the very least, considered SEO services from a marketing agency near you. Native content, one of those services, is a power hitter when it comes to a strong content marketing strategy; without it, […]

Playing the Long Game: How SEO Services and Content Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand

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Your Content Marketing Strategy Will Take Six Months or More to See Results Both SEO services and content marketing rely on similar data and metrics to fuel decision-making. Keyword rankings, traffic, user experience, and content quality are the four major driving forces that lay the foundation for success. But because Google crawls websites fairly infrequently […]

It’s Time to Think About Q4 Digital Marketing Strategy

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Our Ad Agency in Kansas City Will Help You Prepare for the Holiday Season October, November, and December are approaching quickly, which means it’s time to think about how you’ll coordinate your Q4 tactics as you collaborate with an agency specializing in digital marketing in Kansas City – and wherever you are. Planning ahead means […]

Our Digital Marketing Relay Race, Leg Four: Retention

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Our Digital Marketing Agency Stands Out Because of Our Unique Take on the Traditional Marketing Funnel The fourth and final leg of our digital marketing relay race is retention. You’ll want to read about leg one, leg two, and leg three before moving forward with this one. Our Kansas City digital marketing agency has proven […]

Our Digital Marketing Agency’s Relay Race, Leg Three: Lead Generation

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A Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy Gets Qualified Leads for Your Business Welcome back to our digital marketing relay race blog series. Just joining us? You’ll want to get caught up by reading about leg one and leg two. It’s time to pass the baton off to leg three of our marketing relay, lead generation. At […]

Kansas City’s Best Marketing Agency Took Home Precious Metals at the 2022 AMBIT Awards

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We Offer Award-Winning PPC, SEO, Social Media, and Lead Generation Services Our digital marketing strategists and service-line experts work hard to deliver the best possible marketing results for all our clients, and those efforts pay off with impressive data that proves what we’re doing is working. And sometimes our efforts return such big results that […]

Do Your Social Media Accounts Influence Your Website’s SEO? The Answer May Surprise You!

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Our Kansas City Digital Marketing Agency Explains All If you’re surprised to hear that people have been talking for years about whether Google ranks websites associated with active and vibrant social media lives, then you haven’t been paying attention. Although the Google algorithm is almost mythical, with specific details kept under lock and key, Google […]

Our Digital Marketing Relay Race, Leg Two: Research

We Topple the Traditional Marketing Funnel to Strengthen Digital Marketing Strategy Welcome back! You’re here because you read our blog on the first digital marketing relay leg, brand awareness. (If you haven’t head over there now for context.) Today, let’s talk about research, the leg of the marketing relay in which the customer is actively […]

Our Digital Marketing Agency’s Relay Race, Leg One: Brand Awareness

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A Unique Perspective on the Traditional Marketing Funnel Leads to Powerful, Holistic Campaigns The traditional marketing funnel assumes all your customers start at the top and move downward, starting at awareness, then dropping to evaluation, until they ultimately make a purchase. But believing that all customers take the same path to get to the purchase […]

A Back-to-Basics Search Engine Optimization Refresh Drives Traffic and Conversions

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Our Digital Marketing Agency Is Ridiculously Good at Local SEO Web traffic is a major building block of your digital marketing strategy. Your social media profiles and PPC ads all link to your site. But attracting visitors organically is more nuanced and, frankly, difficult – unless you’ve established strong and ongoing search engine optimization efforts. […]

What to Expect from a Marketing Strategy Discovery Call with iFocus Marketing

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Our Digital Marketing Agency Analyzes Your Existing Marketing Performance and Sees How You Stack Up Against Your Competition Digital marketing is dynamic. Google changes its ad offerings and search engine algorithm about as often as you change your socks. To develop a successful digital marketing strategy, you have to dwell within its realm, always learning, […]

2022 Branding Trends: Will You Stand Out or Blend In?

2022 branding trends

Your Rebranding Strategy Should Improve Your Brand Awareness and Bring Your Biz into Modern Times Facebook rebranded to Meta. Dunkin’ Donuts is just Dunkin’ now. And Papa Johns dropped the apostrophe. These changes signaled alignment between their brand and their new business strategies. But a rebranding is as much about image as it is about […]