The Power of Design: A Social Experiment

“In most cases at least half of our experience of food and drink is determined by the forgotten flavor senses of vision, sound, and touch.” – Charles Spence Design plays a huge role in many decisions consumers make. Design evokes emotion – and emotion makes decisions. When our Director of Ops ran into an article […]

GDPR: Why it Matters for Your U.S.-Based Business

If you’ve been checking your email in the last two weeks or so, you’ve likely gotten a notification from one or more third-party vendors notifying you of privacy policy updates thanks to GDPR. In case you haven’t seen these emails, they go a little something like this, On Friday, May 25th, the General Data Protection […]

Father’s Day Marketing: Winning Strategies to Celebrate Dad

Although it feels like we just celebrated all of our wonderful mothers, Father’s Day is already quickly approaching (if you’re bad with calendars, it’s on Sunday, June 17th). With just under a month to plan, you may be thinking you have plenty of time to find the perfect gift for your old man. But when […]

Google Analytics is a Must-Have, not an Afterthought

As an agency, we at iFocus offer a lot of innovative, cutting-edge solutions to your digital marketing dilemmas. Depending on your business goals, we can craft a custom plan tailored to your geographic area, your target demographics, and your intended success metrics. Part of what makes our job fun is the opportunity to collaborate with […]

Organic Social Media Engagement is a lot Like Speed Dating

Whether you’re single, married, or somewhere in between, chances are you probably have a Facebook profile. Generally, in the dating scene, the first place to do a little background creeping investigating is on the potential suitors’ social profiles, right? Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your past relationships), you can’t leave reviews on personal profiles. Facebook […]