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Holiday Marketing

Assemble Meaningful Gifts and Marketing Campaigns Now With quarantine and stay-at-home orders still in place for most states due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the possibility that restaurants, spas, and certain stores will remain closed for the first weeks of May, retail shoppers are faced with a new hurdle: purchasing and gifting a meaningful Mother’s Day present. The National Retail Federation shared new information late last month about consumers’ Mother’s Day spending plans, and it’s actually great news for retailers with an...

Although it feels like we just celebrated all of our wonderful mothers, Father's Day is already quickly approaching (if you're bad with calendars, it's on Sunday, June 17th). With just under a month to plan, you may be thinking you have plenty of time to find the perfect gift for your old man. But when it comes to a marketing plan to celebrate our favorite men, it's getting down to the wire. In fact, the recommended timeframe to start marketing...