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2018 has been a major year for Google in terms of updates, causing business owners and SEOs alike to rethink how they should be optimizing websites. With the release of things such as mobile-first indexing and video carousels, things we used to focus might not be the top priority in years to come. Let’s Take a Look at the Major Updates Google Rolled out in 2018 Mobile-First Index - March 26, 2018 The first major, and likely the most impactful, update of 2018...

Now that we're nearly a quarter into the new year, we can start to reflect on SEO strategies from 2017 and see where we’re headed in 2018. We’ve seen continued growth with mobile users as expected; citations decreasing in importance for local SEO; semantic search (analyzing searches to improve accuracy by understanding the searcher's intent and evaluating the contextual meaning of terms to provide more relevant results) continuing to be used to increase search accuracy; and more. So what’s in store...