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The evidence is apparent — social media is constantly changing. The brains behind these platforms are always testing out new features, algorithms, and ideas to make their platform more attractive to respective users. There have been a lot of noteworthy updates on social media platforms this year and we at iFocus are recapping the whirlwind that happened this past year to help you keep track of it all. Even after the writing of this blog, there’s a good chance that plenty...

In this wired, wireless, Internet-connected world, where it seems like everything is a source of potential advertising content for media, it also seems like everything is vying for the attention of your prospective customers. That means finding new ways to cut through the noise and clamor to deliver your marketing message is essential. Proximity beacons are one way that you can get your message across and make sure that it's heard. You may have already seen beacons in some stores in...