Client Profile | Evolve Juicery & Kitchen

A cross-channel marketing focus drives increased foot traffic and nearly six times return on ad spend

Company Overview

Evolve Juicery and Kitchen is a unique meal delivery company that focuses on providing delicious, ready-to-eat paleo meals to consumers across the country. Originally created to be an in-home personal chef service, Evolve has since become a leader in the paleo meal industry, and now consists of nine stores, a centralized commercial kitchen, and thousands of happy clients.


The Goals

When this client approached us in 2019, they wanted to increase their brand presence to extend outside of their home city of Kansas City, MO, garner more leads from their newly designed website, and ultimately increase meal subscriptions.


The Strategy

In order to target every stage of the decision-making process, we recommended this client run a comprehensive campaign that included SEO work, paid search advertising, programmatic display advertising, and social advertising. By pinpointing their target market across each of these channels, we were able to garner a significant increase in traffic and sales, both in-store and online, for the client.


The Results

In a three-month time period...

Total website visitors increased 4.54% during this time compared to the previous year, while new users increased by 7.18% YoY

Served over 1.2 million display impressions, generating 1,300 clicks and nearly 500 in-store visits

Generated close to $50,000 in revenue from our PPC campaigns, with a total PPC budget of $8,500 across three months

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