Client Profile | Goodwill

A powerful combination of cross-channel social media advertising and OTT video results in hundreds of in-store shoppers

Company Overview

For 115 years, Goodwill Industries has been serving local communities across the nation with the motto, “Not charity, but a chance.” Specifically, Goodwill of Western Missouri & Eastern Kansas has served communities from Kansas City to Wichita by providing job opportunities, skills training programs, strategic outreach partnerships, and so much more.


The Goals

One of the main revenue drivers for Goodwill is their retail stores and donation centers. Finding new and innovative ways to drive shoppers to Goodwill stores, rather than larger, more well-known retailers, has been a big push for them in the past several years. Identifying and targeting the ultimate bargain hunters to drive them into a store was their number-one goal.


The Strategy

Our approach focused on identifying these target consumers based on their online shopping behaviors, demographics, and interests on their social media profiles. Once identified, these consumers were served ads related to an outfit of the week (both static and video ads) that featured pieces curated from Goodwill stores. These ads were served across various channels, including Google Display, OTT channels, Pinterest, SnapChat, Facebook, and YouTube.


The Results

In 2019...

Served 13.4 million YouTube impressions, with an average CPC of only $0.63

Achieved a swipe-up rate on SnapChat of 1.34%

Saw a huge surge of engagement with both paid and organic Pinterest content

Have driven 292 in-store visitors through OTT since September 2019

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