Case Study

Category: eCommerce | Retail | Jewelry
July | 2021


We partner with a local family owned and operated jeweler with a single location in Kansas City. They feature an unmatched selection of engagement rings, luxury watches and gemstones from a variety of exclusive brands like Omega, Todd Reed, Sethi Couture as well as one-of-a-kind custom designs from their in-house designers. This business pays particular attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality and they travel the world to select pieces that cannot be found elsewhere in the midwest.

The Ask

The business owner was seeking a digital marketing partner that could vastly improve the success of their Paid Search campaigns, specifically by increasing the number of monthly leads/conversions and new customers.


iFocus implemented a customized PPC Strategy based on relevant keywords in two of their key revenue buckets – fashion jewelry and engagement rings.


Within the first four months of the campaign, we were able to increase their click through rate by nearly 6,000%, compared to the previous four months – a clear indication that the ads were reaching the right target audience with the right message.

Within the same period, the Paid Search campaigns also yielded an 81% increase in actions taken on their site compared to the previous four months. These actions included a combination of website form fills, web chat, product searches within the site and increased overall time spent on the site. This illustrates the high quality of these leads and the intent of these prospective customers.

Prior to working with iFocus, they averaged 25 new customers per month. Since partnering with us they are now averaging 50 new customers per month!

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