Case Study

Category: Home Services | Remodeling
July | 2021


This remodeling contractor is a locally owned and operated business located in Kansas City, MO that specializes in residential remodeling for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. They serve the KC DMA with a reputation based on professional etiquette, quality of work and the ability to achieve perfection.

The Ask

When they approached iFocus they were looking for a marketing partner that could improve the quality and quantity of their leads. They also wanted to improve the effectiveness of their website. They had outsourced the work to build the website with professional branding and imagery, but the site was not optimized to show up in search engines.


Our first step with them was to provide an in-depth analysis of their current strategies as well as a competitive analysis for the local market. From there, we enhanced their website with relevant and engaging content to attract individuals who were in-market for their dream home remodel.

We implemented a PPC campaign along with Search Engine Optimization on the website to improve visibility in search engines and attract more qualified leads.


Since implementing these strategies in September of 2020, they have experienced a huge improvement in the overall quantity and quality of leads which has helped them close more business, faster.

Over this period, they have consistently converted over 5% of their Paid Search traffic which has resulted in over 106 conversions.

Additionally, their SEO efforts increased Organic website traffic which generated over 648 lead actions (phone calls and website form submissions), roughly 53% of all lead actions completed in 11 months. Their organic traffic alone had an average conversion rate of almost 27%.

Due to their business growth in the first 12 months of our partnership, the company was able to open its first-ever commercial office space!

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