Case Study

Category: Medical Services | Health Clinics
August | 2021


We have partnered with health clinics in the region to provide brand awareness strategies that increase community engagement.

The Ask

In June 2021, we were asked to help with promoting the importance of the COVID-19 vaccination amongst high-risk communities with low vaccination rates.


In order to ensure visibility for the clinics amongst the target audiences we initiated programmatic Display and video/OTT advertising by utilizing first party data audiences.

These audiences are collected by aggregating publicly available data and previous advertising interactions and tying them back to devices that are present at the household level. No PII is collected or exposed throughout this process. It is HIPAA compliant.

Targeting layers include all devices within a household:

  • zip code, DMA, or state
  • Zip codes are preferred for targeting and deciding which ones are most appropriate can be decided by using internal data OR census data where higher proportions of desired audiences reside (The 2020 census data is now available at


The targeting strategy allowed for a frequency increase of 15 additional ads per campaign per device in these desired households.

Website traffic increased 143% during these flights and clicks to schedule appointments for vaccinations increased 100%.

Once the flight ended, appointments among Spanish speaking audiences decreased by 85% and organic search appointments also dropped by 50%.

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