Case Study

Category: Medical Specialty | Med Spa
August | 2021


We also partner with a medical clinic that has five locations throughout the midwest and southeast areas of the country. They aim to return vitality and wellness to individuals through cutting-edge treatments and therapies while providing the highest quality care and service. They specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and many other anti-aging treatments for both men and women.

The Ask

Prior to working with iFocus, this business’s marketing strategy was rooted almost exclusively in traditional television and radio and they relied on these tactics to generate leads for hormone replacement therapy, their largest revenue generator. All ads were leading prospects to their website; however, due to a poor user experience on the site, lead conversions were lacking. Additionally, they were not ranking well in search results and the Facebook page engagement was suffering at less than 1%. They wanted iFocus to help improve their digital presence and drive new leads.


Our initial step was to develop a fresh new website that was optimized for search engines, provided more information for their prospective patients and offered a much improved user experience.

Secondly, we implemented a layered digital marketing strategy that included Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), OTT/CTV, display advertising and content management for their Facebook account.


Within the first 6 months of working with iFocus, our strategies significantly improved results in all areas for this business. Total website traffic climbed to over 19K visitors throughout this period. Their Paid Search campaign drove 20% of their overall traffic and resulted in 33% of online lead actions (i.e. phone calls, online form submissions, web chat, or online appointment scheduled). Also, iFocus delivered a click through rate that was nearly double the average for the health industry.

During this 6 month period, traffic from organic search drove 44% of their total leads – over 1,136 new lead actions in 6 months. Additionally, their rankings on page 1 of Google doubled – improving from 13 to 26 keywords. Some rankings improved by more than 10 pages!

Social Media engagement skyrocketed from less than 1% in January to an average of 13.4% over the next 5 months. Two of those months exceeded a 20% engagement rate, a clear indication that the content was relevant and valuable to their target audience.

The new and optimized website along with the strategic combination of branding and lead-generating marketing tactics resulted in 1,978 new leads that were directly attributed to Organic and Paid Search traffic. At the peak of this 6 month period, they realized a $127 to $1 return on their investment, based on the average lifetime value of their customers.

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