Sure, you can tackle graphic design and copywriting yourself, but you’ll never regret getting the professional polish on your marketing materials.

They say that good design and writing add value much faster than they add cost.

Graphic design and copywriting are more important to your brand than you might realize. Taking shortcuts with them now could affect every aspect of your marketing objectives. Luckily, iFocus Marketing has an in-house creative team ready to bring your business alive online and offline. We’ll get your look and voice consistent across every marketing channel.

The Importance of Good Design and Writing

You’re a business owner, so of course you’ve heard of brand recognition. You know the importance of your logo, your look, your voice and tone, and ensuring you don’t come to the party dressed like another business. 

What you might not have considered is that your brand is a form of communication and the outward display of your professionalism. Imagery, graphic design, and copy provide a first impression. It’s important that that impression is a good one.

Consumers make a decision whether they trust you and want to work with you — or run away from you — based on the representation you provide for your company, product, or service. It’s important to face the world with a well-designed and functional website, and visually-pleasing and well-written materials that convey your message to consumers. Having an expert create these for you helps to ensure your message is strong, cohesive, and meaningful — and draws in new clients

Your designs, colors, imagery, and copywriting should initiate some emotion in your consumer, not raise red flags about your professionalism and credibility. 

Included Graphic Design Services

When you sign up for a targeted display advertising or social media advertising campaign, your graphic design is included! Our creative team works closely with you and your account manager to ensure all creative elements meet your expectations. Our expertise also ensures your ads follow design best practices and are more likely to result in conversations and a greater return on investment for you.

Included Copywriting Services

Just as we include graphic design services in your campaigns, copywriting is complimentary, too. Our professional copywriting team develops creative and meaningful messaging, ensures all text aligns with your business’s identity, and proofreads all copy before we implement it.

Additional Creative Services Available

Do you need something other than the graphic design or copywriting services included in our digital packages? iFocus Marketing is no one-trick digital pony! We offer a whole menu of creative services for businesses in the Kansas City area and beyond, including the traditional print media stuff, too.

We Can Create:

Look great with our

creative services

Want to learn more about what’s included with your campaigns or about our a la carte options? Our creative team is ready to respond!