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More than 62 percent of Americans tuned into a podcast in 2022

Fact: According to the 2022 Infinite Dial report, more than 62 percent of Americans tuned in to a podcast – and 38 percent listened in the past month.

With these kinds of numbers on your side, the time is right to take advantage of a hyper-focused audience that is already listening closely – so you can get your message across loud and clear.

What is Digital Audio Advertising?

If you listen to AM or FM radio in the car – or you remember the days when everyone did! – you’re familiar with a commercial break.

The same practice is used in the digital space on audio platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music platforms, as well as on digital radio stations. Integrated throughout the content you love, you’ll likely hear one of the following:

  • Audio ads between songs, lasting 15 to 60 seconds each.
  • Podcast ads read by the host or a voice actor, lasting 30 to 60 seconds each.

Simple, right? It’s easy to see why digital audio ads as a digital marketing service are highly effective: you have a captive audience that’s already tuned in, and that’s the perfect condition for getting your business on consumers’ minds.

Why Digital Audio Advertising Is So Effective

When you tap into digital audio advertising as a digital marketing strategy, you’re leveraging a time-honored form of advertising that goes back to the golden age of radio. Consider these practical, evidence-based reasons why digital audio advertising gets through to consumers:

Digital Audio Ads are Refreshingly Different

Screen fatigue can cause consumers to block out visual advertising. They’re used to it. However, digital audio ads can present your message in a unique format that gets their attention.

Digital Audio Ads Leverage Technology and Consumer Behavior

Digital audio ads can be targeted to the right consumers based on the mood or subject of the content they’ve chosen. Imagine selling your services on an industry-relevant podcast!

Digital Audio Ads Work

Spotify Advertising reports that more than 80 percent of listeners take action after experiencing a digital audio ad played during a podcast. That’s very impressive.

So, how do you bring the power of audio to life as a digital marketing strategy? First, you have to tap the right Kansas City digital marketing agency. (Hint: it’s us).

How iFocus Turns Digital Audio into a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital audio advertising is an effective tool, but it becomes a business-driving powerhouse when the right digital marketing services from an award-winning team are on your side.

Here’s iFocus Marketing’s approach to audio advertising as a digital marketing strategy:

  • Find Your Audience
    We target consumers who are already engaged with digital audio content related to your products and services.
  • Gain Trust and Credibility Fast
    When your ad is read by a podcast host, this profoundly raises your credibility among listeners. Instead of a passive text and images, your message is being amplified by a source consumers respect and trust.
  • Leverage New Tools
    Digital audio advertisements allow you to use a highly effective marketing tool: the coupon code. Announcing a promotional code for your business during a digital audio ad segment can help you appeal to customers, as well as understand your audience and refine your marketing practices based on the data you get when customers use the code. This puts yet another dynamic digital marketing strategy in your toolbelt that will help you supercharge your business’ growth.
  • Get Excited by the Stats
    We trust the stats. We study the research. You have to be a data nerd to win the digital marketing game, and we’ve fully embraced this role. When 62 percent of Americans have tuned in to podcasts, and 80 percent take action after hearing podcast ads – we’re all about it at our Kansas City digital marketing firm.

Listen Up!

All this talk about digital audio has our ears burning! You too?