Set your sights on your audience, and hit the bullseye every time with this behavior-based ad technology.

Any digital advertising campaign needs to be designed with the target audience in mind.

This means knowing who your target audience is and how they act online, including where you can reach them and what will catch their attention. You’ll need plenty of data to help you find your audience and get your ads in front of them.

Reach More Consumers Through Targeted Display

With an estimated 1.7 billion websites and 4.8 million apps and counting working to get your target audience’s attention, a great way to make sure you’re seen is with targeted display ads.

Targeted display ads reach your audience at any point they’re using their devices: checking the weather, reading the news, browsing their favorite websites, using apps, and more. These ads are like private eyes: they find your audience by taking note of their location, Internet history, and online and offline behaviors.

These display ads do quadruple duty, serving ads for brand awareness, consideration, conversion, and retention, to find new customers, or to reach out to previous customers in a way that feels more organic to the consumer than other marketing tactics. What if some of your audience members have already visited your website, but left without making a purchase? Reel them back in with retargeting ads! Maybe someone visited your competitor’s brick-and-mortar location, and you want them to know more about you. Try geo-fencing, which uses GPS to serve ads to people who visit specific locations.

Whoever your audience is, and wherever they are, targeted display advertising tracks them down and shows them what they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it.

Precision Display Advertising

Blanketing your neighborhood with fliers is a marketing tactic of the past. Today, a more precise approach gets you the most bang for your advertising buck. Targeted display ads make use of common consumer demographics like age, gender, location, lifestyle, and more, to deliver contextual ads triggered by online search queries and website history. What is more precise than putting your ad in front of someone already reading about your industry or competitor products?

Targeting Tools

At iFocus Marketing, the targeting tools at our disposal help to deliver increased conversion rates and a higher return-on-investment by matching the right ads to the right audiences, at the right time. But what ultimately sets us apart is how we use those tools to create personalized campaigns designed around the needs of your target audience. 

Ready to take aim?

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