It’s not just damage control. Savvy business owners use it to create a positive presence online.

Good word of mouth is a historically powerful way to build a brand or grow a business.

Today, the Internet affects your reputation online, anywhere people are talking about your business, product, service, or brand, including review or rating sites and social media accounts and forums. Your blog and the digital news media also have skin in the game. Where reputation management comes in is when you need help keeping that word-of-mouth up to date and in your control.

Reputation Management Services

We’ve heard it: “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” We think failed businesses through the years might disagree, especially those that catered to the community around them.

The fact is, the brand identity of your business gets its foundation in public opinion. Even mega-brands like Apple, Google, Nike, Coca-Cola, and BMW wouldn’t have survived and become giants in their industries if they ignored their customers’ feedback and input. That’s the importance of reputation management.

It’s dangerous to think of reputation management as something to do only after your brand takes a hit. In the Internet age, opinion travels at the speed of light, so proactive reputation management is as important as reputation recovery and repair.

iFocus Marketing helps you identify the brand identity you want to create, and then gives you the tools to build and shape it. 

Online Reputation is Everything

Ninety-three percent of consumers read online reviews of products or services before they make a purchase, according to a recent survey conducted by Podium and shared by Shopify. Those reviews provide more information than a hearty thumbs-up or a disappointing thumbs-down on the product itself; they also paint a picture of the company’s reputation through their responses and action of both positive and negative comments. 

Are you aware of what people are saying about your business? Do you have an actionable communication strategy for when—not if—something negative suddenly creates an opportunity for conversation? What about your strategy for when something positive happens? iFocus Marketing can make sure you can answer these questions with an emphatic “Yes!”

When you hire for professional online reputation management services, you get a powerful ally in your business. Your next make-or-break moment might come from an online review or social media mention. Are you prepared?

Where Does Your Online Reputation Matter?

We get it. You’re a busy person with a business to run. Your staff don’t always have time to monitor the numerous channels people send feedback through, nor do they have time to respond to comments of any kind. Who can blame you, when there are so many places your online reputation matters, like:

  • Online business review sites (Yelp, Google, Angie’s List)
  • Online company rating sites (Glassdoor, Indeed, BBB)
  • In product review sites (Amazon, your own website)
  • In your relationships with the media
  • On community forums (Reddit, location-themed Facebook groups)
  • With your vendors and brand partners
  • With your company leadership and employees
  • On your business’s website and in directory listings
  • On your blog and social media accounts
  • With search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

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