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The best-looking website in the world does nothing for you if people can’t find it. Make sure your website is working for you, not against you.

Think of search engine optimization as the foundation of success for your website.

A lot goes into a properly-optimized website. Have a responsive site with positive user experience? Great. That’s a good start.

But you also need dynamic, keyword-rich content, search engine-friendly metadata and URL structures, and more behind-the-scenes components if you want to be seen.

iFocus Marketing has the technical expertise to optimize and maintain your business website to achieve maximum organic growth using a three-pronged strategy uncommonly found in other ad agencies.

SEO and Your Website

Search engine optimization is one of the most straightforward, but difficult aspects of building and maintaining a website. Mastery is not easy, because it’s not always readily understandable.

Simply put, SEO ensures your customers can find your business online through search engines.

Without SEO, your website is like a physical store without a sign, window, or a door. People pass it by, not knowing it’s there or the valuable information that’s inside.

Lay the foundation with SEO, and watch your business reach its objectives!

Search Terms and Search Engine Optimization

When we meet with new clients, we often find their previously-done websites were assembled with SEO as an afterthought, or only set up when the site was first launched, but never maintained.

Lackadaisical SEO doesn’t get you results. Continuing SEO work is necessary to attract and convert leads.

Fifteen percent of Google searches use completely unique search terms from people looking for products and services just like yours. Ongoing optimization ensures your website includes new search terms – called keywords – to continually capture your audience’s attention. 

Our Search Engine Optimization Website Checklist

The complete SEO services you receive from iFocus Marketing ensures your website uses the most current best practices. We ensure your online presence looks great, supports your brand and message, and gives search engines what they need as they crawl and index your web pages.

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