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It’s not enough to simply be present on social media. Consumers demand customization and personal interaction.

Social media platforms take up more and more of your audience’s time. This channel is an increasingly important piece of your digital marketing pie.

Invest in Social Media Services

When you invest in social media services, you can choose the social networks that are right for your business, both financially and to connect with the right audience. A well-crafted social media strategy from iFocus Marketing takes into account the strengths and needs of your business, as well as the social media habits of your target audience.

At iFocus Marketing, our professional social media team creates content and imagery for your posts each month. We research, we write, we create the images — all in-house. Similarly, one of our dedicated social advertising experts implements all social ads for your business. It’s never outsourced or automated, giving your campaigns the human touch and expert support.

Social Media Marketing

Sometimes it seems like everyone’s on Facebook, doesn’t it? That’s one appearance that isn’t deceiving, as 72 percent of all adult Americans are on some type of social media platform. Many businesses are on social media, too—and most can’t afford not to have a social media presence on at least the big three platforms. Why? Seventy-four percent of Facebook users check out what their friends, family, and favorite businesses are up to every day. Businesses must make sure they don’t miss out on that kind of exposure and interaction with their customers.

But what makes up a social media presence? Organic posts? Paid ads? Boosted posts? Stories? Videos? Recommendations? Yes. All of those. Effectively using social media is far more complex than simply putting out a post every few days. Business pages need a strategy to be effective with the ever-changing algorithm these platforms use. Additionally, social media advertising has its own implementation strategies and rules of engagement.

Social Media Management

Social media management refers to the use of social networks to build a following via organic posts and content and to interact with that audience by commenting and conversing with them when they engage with your posts. This is different from the paid advertising side of these channels.

Social media advertising is the obvious workhorse of the two, but without social media management, you’re missing out on a key flavor in the digital marketing mix.

Don’t buy into the notion that organic social content is purely about conversations and engagement. It’s also about building brand awareness! A recent study by Global Web Index reported that 21 percent of Internet users look to social media for recommendations and comments on brands, and 34 percent seek information about products on social media. According to Forbes, 78 percent of consumers’ purchases are impacted in some way by companies’ social media posts.

Expert Social Media Services

Access one of the most targeted and cost-effective forms of advertising by getting your social media ads in front of millions of people logging into their accounts every day. And by adding social media management from our toolkit, you’re delivering a one-two punch of relevancy and credibility to your consumers.

Social media services allow you to:

  • Target and connect to millions of users all over the world (or targeted to your location)
  • Increase visibility and credibility
  • Build brand awareness
  • Grow customer loyalty
  • Drive traffic
  • Develop relationships
  • Improve search results
  • Test and compare promotions and campaigns

Afraid your target audience will get stuck playing a twisted game of Where’s Waldo?, trying to find your page among the more than 90 billion companies currently operating a Business Page on Facebook? Fear not. Our social media superheroes are ready to step in to make you stand out.

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