A slick website acts as a liaison for your business — but there’s more to it than simply looking good.

Your website is your digital storefront, and one of the first impressions you make on prospective clients.

Sure, an online presence doesn’t ensure success. But it’s often the difference between being seen and being irrelevant in today’s marketplace. User experience and search engine optimization are actively responsible for the lead generation your business needs to thrive.

There’s an inherent value in having a good website. Presenting yourself well online implies to your prospective clients that your business is quality and trustworthy. Clients also infer the quality of your customer service and reliability based on your web presence.

Your Virtual Storefront

In any category, people are visiting different websites before they buy anything. It takes a split second for users to decide whether they like your site, which influences whether they’ll stay or leave. If a website is unattractive, 38 percent of people will stop engaging with it—so much for not judging a book by its cover. If at any time a customer encounters a website problem, like a slow load time or confusing menus, they’re more likely to bounce from your site, out of frustration or mistrust. Website quality has an impact on online purchase intentions, which is why it’s so important to have a good one.

That’s why user experience is more than just a pretty website. It’s a well-functioning, logically laid-out site, too. It’s a site that evokes your business mission and the products and services you sell. It’s a site with personality, created with attention-to-detail and expertise you don’t get when you use discounted template services.

A Phased Approach to Website Design and Development

Our design and development process gives you flexibility and control over the final product, as we involve you and your needs and goals at every step.

  1. Audit your existing site — if you have one — and conduct a gap analysis in content and functionality to drive action.
  2. Design your new site and create mock-ups for your review. At this point, we’ll collect and incorporate your revisions as needed.
  3. Develop your site by connecting necessary apps and advanced features, maintaining the look and feel of the design mock-ups you approved.
  4. Put your new site through a rigorous quality assurance process that includes reviews of content, user experience, and technical aspects of your site.
  5. Deploy your site, with full Google Analytics, optimized for both desktop and mobile web browsers.

Embrace the Power of Web with SEO

When you purchase a website from most companies, they’ll build an SEO-ready site. The problem is search engine optimization tactics are always changing, making ongoing site maintenance and fresh content absolute necessities.

At iFocus Marketing, we’ll launch your website with basic SEO functions in place, and always recommend continual search engine optimization services to keep you in the top Google rankings for all relevant keywords.

Web Design & Development Services

  • Custom-coded websites
  • Microsites or full websites
  • Website redesign and refresh
  • Website migration and hosting services
  • Overlap with creative services and SEO
  • Simple landing pages
  • Roadmap: concepts, wireframing, and prototypes

Ramp up your site!

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