Our Digital Marketing Agency’s Relay Race, Leg Three: Lead Generation

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A Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy Gets Qualified Leads for Your Business

Welcome back to our digital marketing relay race blog series. Just joining us? You’ll want to get caught up by reading about leg one and leg two.

It’s time to pass the baton off to leg three of our marketing relay, lead generation. At this point, your potential customers have indicated they’re interested in your product or service and likely have provided their contact information.

But remember – getting a lead doesn’t mean your conversion is guaranteed. Just as in the traditional funnel, you haven’t quite made the conversion yet. But unlike the traditional marketing funnel, our relay isn’t run in order, and the baton can be passed to an earlier relay runner at any point – just like reality. That’s why our Kansas City digital marketing agency’s relay race is a more accurate metaphor for how marketing works.

Your business must be top-of-mind and highly visible at the time a customer is ready to make a decision.

Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Strong Lead Generation

Digital marketing agencies place an inordinate emphasis on lead quality. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you can miss potential customers if you’re too specific with your targeting in every channel of your marketing strategy.

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You should, of course, target a specific audience. But continual optimization of your target audience on multiple channels is more likely to yield you better quality leads and more leads overall. Your campaigns should never be static, and digital marketing channels let you tweak them over and over again without penalty.

Without this ongoing optimization, you risk shoving your product or service into the face of someone who isn’t really interested, and this can tarnish your brand’s reputation over time.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

Make use of lots of tactics to develop lead gen and hang on tight to those potential customers. These can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Google campaigns that market to affinity and in-market audience – those who are already interested in what you offer.
  • Social media marketing and retargeting – to engage with potential customers
  • Live events or webinars – to get face-to-face and reel them in
  • Special offers – to give them incentive to close the deal
  • PPC and paid search advertising is king in the world of lead generation because it helps your business show up while someone is actively looking for the products or services you provide.

The road to lead generation can increase awareness of your brand, and create brand loyalty – other steps in the digital marketing relay.

What You Do With Your Leads Matters

You can earn the most qualified leads in the world, but if you don’t nurture them properly, you won’t close.

Consider these nurturing techniques as part of your digital marketing strategy.

  • Tailor your message to your target audience, and ensure it’s engaging and thoughtful. This builds your credibility and authority on your product or service.
  • Follow up on your leads in a timely manner. If you wait too long, someone else has likely already reached out.
  • Focus your time on your strongest leads, which you’re more likely to close. Consider adopting a lead-scoring method.
  • Send personalized emails and nurture your audience on multiple channels to stay top-of-mind.

How Our Digital Marketing Agency Measures Lead Generation

Four of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) for lead gen are qualified lead volume, lead quality, lead conversion rate, and customer acquisition cost.

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This data tells you how many of the leads you received are from your precise target audience, while lead volume is how many total leads you received. Your lead conversion rate is the percentage of leads that became a customer. And the customer acquisition cost is the amount of money you spent to earn an individual customer’s business. In general, the customer acquisition cost is lower when you’re continually optimizing your marketing campaigns and when you opt for cost-effective digital marketing tactics over traditional ones.

Our Ad Agency in Kansas City Can Help You Through the Relay

When you work with iFocus Marketing, a marketing agency near you, your dedicated account manager will provide you with a monthly detailed report outlining your digital marketing strategy’s metrics, and many others, so you can see exactly what your marketing budget is getting you.

To learn how we can help you generate leads for your product or service, request a free discovery call via our website or call us at (913) 708-8567. One of our business development specialists is looking forward to speaking with you.

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