4 Ways Quality Content and Graphic Assets Benefit Marketing Campaign Performance

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What Is the Effect of Expert Design and Production on the Power and Function of Your Digital Marketing Campaign?

You deeply care about the success of your business and would do almost anything to ensure you meet your annual objectives for growth.

One of the choices you’ve likely made to support your goals is investing in digital marketing tactics – proven solutions with a strong return on investment.

But don’t overlook two important necessities in successful campaigns and strategy: professional graphics and content are necessary to ensure the performance of your marketing efforts.

Reason 1: Your Business Looks More Professional

When consumers see your logo and brand colors – even if your business name isn’t explicitly written out – but they recall that those are affiliated with your business, that’s brand recognition.

Brand materials are a major way businesses communicate who they are and what they do. If your brand materials, including your tone and voice, are thoughtfully designed, you’re conveying just how professional your business is.

And for those consumers who have never encountered your business before, your brand must convey a positive first impression in your visuals, design, and even content. A strong first impression is powerful enough to stick in the mind of your potential customer and serve as the first step on the way to brand awareness in your targeted campaign strategy.

Reason 2: Consumers Are More Likely to Trust You

According to customer service software company Zendesk, 83% of consumers refuse to do business with brands they feel they can’t trust. How customers feel about a brand has 1.5 times more impact than how they think – which means you have to start building trust and credibility right away.

So how do customers make the decision whether they’ll trust your company? Initially, they can only determine how they feel about your business based on how you outwardly represent it to the public. In the age of the Internet, the most common ways potential customers are exposed to your brand are through:

  • Your social media presence – what you post and how complete and accurate your profile is.
  • A functional and aesthetically pleasing website that considers user experience.
  • Well-written copy that conveys your message to consumers, as well as informs them on topics both important to them and relevant to your business.

To be most effective, your branding must be cohesive and consistent. Unity among all your digital marketing solutions and web presence creates credibility and enhances marketing campaign performance, particularly for brand awareness and lead generation tactics.

Reason 3: Professional Design Performs Better in Google Digital Marketing Campaigns – and Elsewhere, Too

Graphic design is a crucial element at every stage of the marketing funnel (and the iFocus proprietary marketing relay). Your business’s visual presence should inform, engage, and persuade potential customers.

Professionally designed and written ad elements work together. And if you’re implementing digital marketing campaigns that include social or display ads, then your images must meet certain quality standards set forth by Google and Bing.

For example, Google’s image quality policy states that the following – and more – is not allowed:

  • Incorrect image sizes or positioning, including sideways or upside down images
  • Blurry or unclear images
  • Images that contain unrecognizable text

Professional graphic designers who are experienced in digital marketing understand the ins-and-outs of these guidelines and can ensure the quality of your digital ads.

Reason 4: Google Still Prefers the Human Touch for Content

It’s clear that professional graphic design is necessary to build brand recognition and credibility, as well as to ensure the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts. But what about the words on your website and in your blog?

Google handles more than 3.5 billion searches worldwide every day – that’s more than 90% of all searches performed on any search engine. In fact, market shares for Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and other top search engines together total only about 6%.

That means your website content should satisfy Google’s requirements to ensure that your business’s website ranks highly on search engine results pages (SERPs) – preferably on page one and in the top three results. Google evaluates content quality based on:

  • Whether it was created solely to manipulate search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, such as purely AI-created content.
  • Whether content satisfies user search or content intent – is it informative, commercial, transactional, or navigational?
  • Whether content meets all aspects of Google’s EEAT acronym, which stands for expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness.

As the trend toward AI continues, remember that using AI for your website content can cause factual inaccuracies, duplicate content, and other penalties. Google leadership has clearly stated that AI content requires careful review before it should ever be posted as unique content on your website. Additionally, creating quality AI content requires a special skill set, including the ability to write clear and precise prompts and to evaluate the quality of the content that AI produces.

Content is a key part of your SEO strategy, a multifaceted approach to ensuring you rank highly in the SERPs. For best results, work with a content marketing agency in Kansas City who can ensure that your website content works with Google’s algorithm to get results.

Graphics, Content, and Expertise Contribute to Marketing Campaign Performance

Digital marketing is fast-paced and ever-evolving. The Internet can change everything at the speed of light, and most business owners simply do not have the time to stay up to date. Instead, they smartly rely on ad agencies who specialize in local tactics to handle all aspects of their digital marketing campaigns.

The true measure of whether an ad agency understands best practices for campaign performance is if they’ve earned special credentials from Google, the current leader in online advertising opportunities. One of the top credentials Google offers is their Premier Partnership. iFocus Marketing has held this prominent status since 2017.

Google Premier Partners like iFocus Marketing are adept at managing your marketing budget and optimizing your ads without complete reliance on machine learning. By mastering best practices, even as they change, digital marketing professionals ensure your efforts, graphics, and content are put to good use.

Learn more about our digital marketing solutions on our website.

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