How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile

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GBP Is a Local SEO Services That Increases Your Presence Online

The digital landscape is constantly changing. The rapid speed at which we consume media and information can feel like a roadblock for your business needs.

Optimized Google Business Profile can have a great impact on your search results and engagement, as it’s another avenue for consumers to find your business and interact with your website.

Google Business Profile optimization plays a vital role in local SEO tactics. A finely tuned profile, complete with precise details and accurate keywords enhances Google’s trust – and potential customers’ trust – in your business.

So, how do you optimize your Google Business Profile? There are several steps you can take to ensure your profile is at its best and reaching your audience.

Verify Your Location On Google Business Profile

Think about how often you look up a location on your phone. Whether you’re in a navigation app or a search engine, this is one of the most common ways you find the address of a business. Always make sure your location information on Google Business Profile is accurate.

When someone searches for your business, this address and a map will be displayed. When you have your business on a local map, it allows others to find you faster than your competitors who may not have a verified location on Google.

Pro Tip: If you don’t add a real address to your profile, then you won’t show up in the map results at the top of search engine results pages.

Complete Your Google Business Profile Description

Your Google Business Profile description is a great way to leverage keywords that users may enter into the search bar to find you. Your business description can be up to 750 characters, so use as many as you can to describe your business.

Remember that this might be the first thing someone reads about your business, so it’s important to highlight your best services, products, or selling points. In terms of local SEO and organic search, you’ll have a more impactful reach with more content on your profile.

Pro Tip: Use an SEO platform or Google Search Console to identify keywords people are using to search for your business. Incorporate some of the most effective keywords into your business description.

Choose the Right Business Categories

On Google Business Profile, you have to choose a primary business category, but you can have up to 10 categories, chosen from a list provided by Google. While 10 categories is likely too many for most businesses, the options are important, as you can truly define your business and set yourself apart from competitors.

Your primary business category might be “local SEO agency”, but you could also choose “advertising agency” or “marketing agency” as additional categories. With more than one option, you’re more likely to appear in search results for all of these, instead of just one.

Select All Applicable Attributes

Attributes are a great addition to your Google Business Profile, as they give the consumer more context to your business. The attributes you can choose from will vary depending on your business category, but the options allow you to personalize your profile.

For example, you could note whether your business is pet-friendly, has outdoor seating, is a women-owned business, and more. These terms make it easier for your audience to find your business.

Pro Tip: The more complete your profile is, the better. Skip only the attributes that don’t apply to your business, but fill in all the rest.

Add Photos to Your Google Business Profile

Photos are a useful tool for promoting your business, especially on Google Business Profile. Include images of your business, services, or products to show potential customers that you are a legitimate business.

Using your Google Business Profile to share photos lets potential customers or clients get a taste for what you do. Add new photos regularly to refresh those that appear on your profile. Your customers can also add images when they leave you a review on Google.

Pro Tip: Use candid, unedited photos for your Google Business Profile. Organic images resonate with your audience and feel more authentic than overly-edited or stock photos.

Keep Your Hours Updated

The hours on your Google Business Profile can help people searching for you understand when they should call or visit. If your hours are not updated, or are misleading, this could deter customers.

Any time you change your hours, or if your business has alternate holiday hours, update this in your profile. Accurate hours prevent the frustration of a customer visiting a closed location or getting your voicemail when they expected to speak to someone from your company.

Regularly Post Updates to Your Profile

Think of Google Business Profile as a free way to promote your business. When people search for businesses similar to yours, they’ll be shown a list of options. If your profile is complete and you’ve been adding new images and updates (also known as GBP posts), your business stands out as more credible and active.

Your options for posts include updates, promos, and events. Use these posts as an opportunity to advertise an upcoming sale in your retail store, open mic night at your cafe, or a showcase of your latest construction project for a satisfied customer.

Find a Local SEO Agency For Your Google Business Profile

Partnering with a local SEO agency can be a game-changer in optimizing your Google Business Profile and managing your online presence in search engines. An agency has the expertise and insights to enhance your visibility on local search results and drive more organic traffic to your website and business.

By performing meticulous keyword research, producing strategic content, and leveraging Google Business Profile features to the fullest, a skilled agency can ensure that your business stands out amidst local competitors. With their tailored approach and focus on local search algorithms, they can elevate your business’s online visibility and ultimately lead to increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and conversions.

Ready to truly optimize your Google Business Profile? Contact a local SEO agency

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