Is It Time to Refresh Your Marketing Campaigns?

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Our Digital Marketing Agency’s 3 Signs You’re Ready for Something New

One of the most challenging emotions that a business can experience is the fear that you’re missing out. There’s nothing like seeing one of your competitors completely nail their new marketing campaign, and realizing that you, too, could be doing the same – but you just haven’t put your time and energy there yet. The good news is that this could be a great motivator for you to take action on this feeling and know that your business can also reap the rewards of the digital marketing space when you’re ready.

You may also be experiencing the urge to do something new because of factors that don’t have anything to do with FOMO. There are several other indicators – other than seeing your competition capitalize on digital marketing for now. It may be that you’ve run out of new ideas, your business’ growth is slowing, or other factors that can make you think it’s time for something fresh, dynamic, and new.

At iFocus Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing agency in Kansas City, we completely understand the reasons that lead businesses to want to step up their game. In fact, these reasons are quite common – and, even better – are more-than-solvable with the right digital marketing consulting services. Here are iFocus Marketing’s three common signs that it’s time to refresh your marketing campaigns, and what our agency’s digital marketing and consulting firm can do about it.

3 Signs You’re Ready to Refresh Your Campaign and How Our Digital Marketing and Consulting Firm Can Make a Difference

The three experiences below may sound familiar to you. If they do, learn how our Kansas City digital marketing agency can offer a solution, starting with a free discovery call to help us get to know your marketing needs.

1. You Have Outdated Ads and Old Website Content Online

If you’re running your own marketing campaigns in-house, there are times when you can’t keep up on the customer-facing end of your business and managing employees and bookkeeping, while also playing advertising executive during your downtime (“What downtime?” you’re probably thinking). If you’re a company that experiences peaks in business activity, you may find that updating your ad copy and website has to be placed on the backburner while you tackle a busy period.

However, once that peak in your business dies down, you see that you still have display ads running with an outdated promotion, or there’s information on your website that isn’t relevant anymore. When new customers or clients do call in, it’s clear they’ve been confused by this misinformation, and you appear less credible. Further, you know it’s probably smarter to have new ads and a relevant website up in advance of the next peak in business, so your bottom line will look the way you want it to – or better.

How iFocus Marketing’s Digital Marketing and Consulting Services Can Help: When you tap an award-winning digital marketing agency to strategize and design your marketing campaigns alongside you, your business remains relevant in the digital marketing space with expertly built ads and website materials that you don’t have to your personal spend time creating and maintaining. We help you put your best foot forward, so you can focus on providing your clients with the services and products you’re passionate about. We’ll take the wheel on the marketing end by optimizing your client-facing channels.

2. You’re Beginning to See Your Business Growth Stagnate

All businesses have down periods, but you may be noticing that there’s been a steadily diminishing return on your investment in digital marketing services. Perhaps you began a new marketing campaign that seemed to be effective at first, but – eventually – bidding on costs-per-click in a paid media campaign got too confusing, updates to tools you formerly knew how to use took too much time to relearn, or conditions in your industry began affecting your growth, and if you only had time to address these challenges through marketing, they’d be far easier to overcome.

There’s a Solution with Our Agency’s Digital Marketing and Consulting Services: These concerns are also completely understandable, and – much like the circumstances we described for those with outdated materials, digital marketing requires a vigilant, always-on mentality to succeed. Think of it this way: the Internet never shuts off. People are chatting on social media and searching for services and products well after you fall asleep. The thriving marketplace that is the Internet is forever doing business. So, if you want to keep up – with Google Ads updates, keyword bidding, the design and implementation of smart, enticing marketing copy, uploading new content to your website, and everything else digital marketing requires – our digital marketing and consulting services are at your disposal.

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3. You Want to Find a New Voice that Customers Can Hear

No one ever said that to be excellent at providing your services and products that you also had to be good at marketing. You’ve invested years of training, research, study, and on-the-job experience to become the expert you are in your field. While you’ve also tried to make this kind of commitment to advertising, it’s not your strong suit. You want to give your business a voice that can match all the hours you’ve put into being an industry name your customers can trust. You want a voice that your customers can hear and are ready to follow.

Our Digital Marketing Agency Can Make Your Brand Compelling and Position It Where Your Customers Are: Fortunately, we’re experts at ensuring your brand is what customers are looking for. We study demographics, customer behavior, marketing trends, new digital marketing tools, and more to ensure that the marketing campaigns we develop for you are exactly what your customers want to hear, and that they’re hearing it everywhere they go, whether on social media, on streaming services, or even out in the world.

We take our time to develop a trusting, meaningful relationship with you, so that we can become an extension of your business – a strong marketing arm that knows your customers and potential customers well, so that they’ll come looking for what you have to offer. Our agency’s digital marketing and consulting services team has your back like that.

Get in Touch with Our Digital Marketing and Consulting Firm for the Refresh You Deserve

If you can identify with any of these extremely common reasons for feeling that your business needs a stronger digital marketing presence, we’re more than ready to help you meet – and even exceed – your business goals.

We recommend starting by scheduling a completely free discovery call with us. We’ll be there to listen, learn about your business and your needs, and discuss what we can do to enhance your business’ growth through our award-winning agency’s digital marketing and consulting services.

iFocus Marketing also offers a free, signature audit of your online presence, as well as a competitive analysis and recommendations for how we can grow your business through digital marketing solutions.

We look forward to helping you start fresh! Call us at (913) 708-8567, or send us a message online to request your discovery call today.

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