Case Study

Category: Retail | Office Furniture
July | 2021


We partner with a family owned and operated retail business located in Overland Park, KS that specializes in new and used office furniture. They take pride in providing affordable, quality furniture and interior solutions with exceptional customer service and unbeatable prices.

The Ask

When this business partnered with iFocus Marketing, they were looking for a partner that could improve the quality of their website, build high quality leads and increase foot traffic to their showroom.


Our first step with them was to provide an in-depth analysis of their current strategies as well as a competitive analysis of businesses in the local market. We then provided a full website audit to understand the work necessary to improve visibility in search engines.

Based on the business needs, we implemented a Search Engine Optimization campaign to index the search quality of the website, reformat the design, and improve the overall content.

Subsequently, we started a PPC campaign to increase lead generation and improve Google rankings for commonly searched keywords relative to their services.


Since implementing these strategies, the business has seen tremendous improvement in the overall quality and quantity of organic and paid traffic visiting their website. iFocus campaigns have averaged 31 lead actions monthly (i.e. calls and website form submissions).

Their Paid Search campaigns delivered a conversation rate – nearly double that of the industry average.

Organic Traffic drove 68% of monthly website traffic and resulted in 90% of all monthly lead actions. A clear indication that SEO helped attract an in-market audience.

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